How to support Richmondside

Richmondside is by and for the people of Richmond, and to build and grow a sustainable news and information resource for Richmond, we will be relying on the support of the Richmond community. There are many ways to do this, including spreading the word about our work, encouraging friends to sign up for our newsletter, sharing news tips and story ideas with us and providing feedback on our journalism.

Financial support is important too. Tax-deductible donations, through membership, are integral to our business model at Cityside. Donations give readers the opportunity to directly invest in the health of their community by supporting dedicated, reliable, equitable local news for its residents.

But rest assured that whether people donate or not, they will always be able to access all our journalism for free, as we believe trustworthy news and information should be available to all, regardless of their financial status.

Join us on our journey from the outset and become a founding member of Richmondside! The first 100 people who sign up to make a recurring donation to support our journalism, at whatever level, will receive a complimentary Richmondside water bottle (pictured).

Want to support nonprofit Richmond journalism in other ways? We welcome checks, made payable to Cityside and sent to 2120 University Ave. Berkeley CA 94704; and donations to Cityside made through donor advised funds (Cityside’s EIN is 84-3448887). We also welcome inquiries from foundations or institutions committed to investing in Richmond’s future. If that’s you, please reach out to Cityside CEO Lance Knobel at to talk about partnering with us to serve Richmond.

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